A New Adventure

It’s been a LONG while since I’ve posted anything. The past year has kind of been a whirlwind. One of big ups and downs. My battle with depression got ugly. I started seeing a therapist and things started looking up, way up. In the past I’ve always put off seeing someone. I’ve maintained that my … Continue reading

When did I stop caring?

I know exactly when I stopped caring. Well, caring about what people thought when they looked at me anyway! It was after I had my first baby. Nothing strips humility from you like having a team of people stare straight into your vagina for hours on end while you try and push a kid out. … Continue reading

Wading through the BS

My progress has hit a bit of a road block this past week. Or should I say a sinus block. I’ve had a nasty cold for the past week that has left me tired and grumpy. I had one week of awesome exercise and then I was benched. It’s been frustrating. I know it will … Continue reading

Meet My New Friend – Fitbit

I made a new friend this weekend. He is cute, sleek and rides on bra right in between “the girls”. Not my girls, but “the girls”. Got it?¬†Fitbit is his name and keeping my ass in check is his game. He counts my steps, miles, calories burned, floors climbed and even watches me while I … Continue reading


I am no stranger to the effects of addiction. There are many people in my life that have struggled with addiction at some point. Some have beat it and some have been defeated by it. I’ve always been very cautious about the amount of alcohol I drink because I knew that given my family track … Continue reading

eMeals – The Family Dinner Game Changer

While reading another blog about family budgets (forgive me I don’t remember which one!) I came across a recommendation for eMeals. I checked it out, gave it a whirl and now I am deeply in love. DEEPLY. eMeals gives you a weekly dinner menu and a shopping list. Here’s the cool part, you can set … Continue reading

New Toys

We celebrated Libby’s birthday recently. She turned 4 and is pretty girly. She loves babies, fairies, princesses and playmobile. She loves dressing up in tutus and wearing crowns and lots of Lalaloopsy chap stick. Among the gads of princess dolls and Toy Story parafenalia collected she got some new PlayMobile stuff too. She is obsessed … Continue reading

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Adult friendships can be soooo weird. After having babies and becoming a stay at home mom I found myself craving friendships. I had lots of great friends while working. I loved seeing them daily, working together, lunches together and happy hours. But being home with two kids limited my interactions with other adults. I joined … Continue reading

Taking Another Stab

It’s been radio silence since February. That is pathetic. I am not pleased with myself by any means. I loved my little blog and I just let it go. I let lots of things go. My house, ambition,¬†responsibilities, friendships, laundry and myself. Rather than go on a tirade about everything I’ve dropped the ball on … Continue reading